CSV Documentation

Import Specifications
Column Name Data Type Required
Order ID Int Yes
Shipping Name varChar Yes
Shipping Address 1 varChar Yes
Shipping Address 2 varChar No
Shipping City varChar Yes
Shipping State varChar (If country is United States must be two letter state code) Yes
Shipping ZipCode varChar Yes
Shipping Country varChar Yes
Shipping Phone varChar No *Recommended if country is not United States
Shipping Email varChar No *If used add email to like order ID's
Item SKU int Yes
Size varChar Yes
Quantity int Yes
Import and CSV Setup
  1. Import file must contain column header with labeled column names in the exact same order as the example CSV file.
  2. Each row must contain a comma placeholder even if it's not required.
  3. Rows with matching Order ID's are considered additional items for that Order ID. You generate Order ID numbers. Use ONLY numbers that do not exceed 7 numbers. E.g. 1234567
  4. All columns with Data Type "varChar" should have double quotes around data. Avoid using text with special characters and/or single or double quotes.
  5. Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL
  6. Item SKU numbers for your art are available under the Merchant Help section after logging into your account.
Download CSV Example

Whitelabel Email Tags
Tag Displays Use
[NAME] Customers Name Subject Line, Email Body
[SHIPDATE] Date Shipped Subject Line, Email Body
[TRACKINGNUMBER] Tracking Number Subject Line, Email Body
[TRACKINGLINK] Link To Tracking Website Email Body

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